IMPORTANT NOTICE: The selection of a provider is not a guarantee of payment and the services rendered must be covered under the terms of your health benefits plan or EAP. In order to assure maximum benefits, you must check your benefit information to see if pre-authorization is required. Failure to do so may result in non-payment for services or reduction in the benefits available to you. APS maintains a regularly updated list of providers. However, there are rare occasions when an inquiry as to provider status may not include the most updated information. Please confirm provider status at the time of the request for authorization. Access to the provider database does not constitute verification of eligibility.

Provider Locator

Looking for a credentialed mental health practitioner? The APS Online Provider Locator enables you to easily search an up-to-date database for mental health and substance abuse practitioners in your local community. In addition, you can search by self-reported areas of interest to further target your results.

Provider Locator by contract*

Access APS' Online Provider directory by contract. Select your company from the choices listed.

* If your company is not listed, then you may not be eligible for this service, or you may have the Provider Locator for Employer Accounts (see below).

Provider Locator for Employer accounts**

APS also offers an Online Provider Locator for employer accounts.

** A password provided by your employer is required for access.