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Tools and Materials


CHRISTUS BHO Transition (TX Medicaid and CHIP, USFHP, NM Medicare Advantage and NM Healthcare Exchange)

Provider Alert - Texas and Louisiana Providers

Provider Alert - New Mexico Providers


Advocate (IL) BHO Transition 2015

Advocate (IL) BHO Transition 2015 effective 2/28/2015


ICD Transition



Outpatient Treatment Request (OTR) Form

MBH Outpatient Treatment Request Form (online submission)


Provider Newsletter

Provider Alert - Credentialing

Provider Alert - Texas CHIP ID Number Conversion effective 10/1/2013

Provider Alert - New Contact Information

Provider Alert - State of Maryland providers

Provider Newsletter - Winter 2009


CPT Code Resources

2013 Psychotherapy CPT Code Crosswalk

Guide to Enhanced UM Model for Facilities

Guide to Enhanced UM Model for Facilities

Provider Manual

APS Provider Manual (with ICD-10 revisions)

CHC Provider Manual (related to Texas Medicaid and CHIP) (via CHC website)

Hawaii Provider Manual 2009


Outpatient Treatment Review Forms

APS Outpatient Treatment Review form

State of Maryland Uniform Treatment Plan


Advocate Medicare Advantage Criteria

Important Information for APS Providers Servicing Advocate Medicare Advantage Members

National Criteria Determination (NCD)

Local Coverage Determinations (LCD)


Utilization Management Criteria

ASAM Criteria

BH Medical Necessity and Level of Care Criteria

TAC Criteria (Texas Administrative Code - CD Criteria)

(Texas) Resiliency & Disease Management UM Guidelines - Child

(Texas) Resiliency & Disease Management UM Guidelines - Adult


Utilization Management Core Documents

2013 UM Program Evaluation - CNR Partners

2014 UM Program Description

2014 UM Work Plan

Quality Improvement Core Documents

2012 QIProgram Evaluation

2013 QIProgram Description

2013 QI Work Plan

Privacy Notice

Notice of Privacy Practices


Provider/Member Educational Tools

PACE - Physician Asthma Care Education

Asthma Control Test


Member Rights and Responsibilities

Commercial & Medicare Rights and Responsibilities Statement

Medicaid Rights and Responsibilities Statement

CHIP Member Rights and Responsibilities (pages 151-153)


EDI Claims Submission

837 Professional Companion Guide


Advocate/HMOI Providers

Provider Alert - Complex Case Management


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